We are Changing
the way direct-to-consumer brands are created and sold.

Everything is done in-house, from product inception
and development, design and manufacturing,
to marketing and order fulfillment.

Product inception & development

We have a team of creative minds that spot market trends and come up with products that crush it online. These ideas come to life as they are developed into tangible products. We are constantly coming up with new products and brands.

Branding & packaging

While some e-commerce products strike out when it comes to branding and packaging, we hit massive home runs. No detail is overlooked and we take great pride in creating branding and packaging that contributes to a first class customer experience.


While social media is our number one marketing channel, we understand that diversification is key. We don’t have all our eggs in one basket, that’s for sure. We run campaigns across every digital marketing channel imaginable.

E-commerce storefront

Every brand we create exists online, available direct-to-consumer via a dedicated e-commerce storefront. While some of our brands are available in retail locations, our customers will always be able to purchase everything we create, present and future, direct from us.

Worldwide order fulfillment

We don’t use third-party fulfillment centers. Every order, regardless of what part of the world it is being shipped to, is fulfilled by us. We feel that 100 percent control of the entire process is very important.

Consumer satisfaction

Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. We create our brands with the goal of making people happy. Yeah, we are responsible for a lot of smiling faces.